34-VieuxPort.JPG (24162 bytes)
Sunrise over the old port of Marseilles
36-VieuxPort-Bateau.JPG (18970 bytes)
Old Port of Marseilles
34-MichalSmiles.JPG (52794 bytes)
Me and my GPS [very useful as we lost our map!]
32-PoraNaBetona.JPG (26875 bytes)
Time for a bar
27-JustynkaGR.JPG (41669 bytes)
Going out of one "calanque"
26-Branche.jpg (24407 bytes)
Dryed tree
23-Justynka+Michal.JPG (29235 bytes)
We and the calanques
22-VueEnsoleille.jpg (31149 bytes)
View on Calanques
20-Calanque.jpg (41870 bytes)
Another Calanque
10-VueZoom.JPG (13478 bytes)
Sunset in Toulon direction
08-Michal.jpg (26309 bytes)
Me once more