04-ChargementDuBateau.jpg (47436 bytes)

Embarking the boat to the islands

30-LongBeach-LesOmbres.jpg (21331 bytes)

On the Long Beach

27-JustynkaSurLaPlage.jpg (37698 bytes)

Nothing special to do...

 26-LesPalmesEnContrejour.jpg (38040 bytes)
08-Alicja+Enfants.jpg (45527 bytes)

Evening in the restaurant

A footprint

36-GoldenSunset.jpg (15976 bytes)


33-LaLuneDerrierePalmes.jpg (30307 bytes)

The night is falling

Just before the tempest

13-Tempete.JPG (19714 bytes) The tempest
12-Tempete.JPG (14833 bytes)

It will rain soon

11-Tempete.JPG (24261 bytes)

Some wind

There is NO hairdresser!

Quiet night falls after the tempest


2 palmes + The Moon

Nice postcard

Fresh morning

Long Beach, 7:20AM


The photographer

Palms of the Long Beach

Herb snake